Friday, June 8, 2012

The Story Gets Bigger

I want to keep you informed as to some changes that have been made in my schedule for training and the trip to Beijing. Unfortunately (but not really) the training in Colorado in July had to be cancelled. However it ended up being best for what is slowly developing into a vision and greater partnership between Entrust and Global Partners. I think the best way to explain it is to copy part of an email written by Liz from Entrust:

The inability to get enough women together for the Colorado training in July in order to present it to the Chinese women in September I feel was the Lord's confirming my check in spirit that our September meeting [in Beijing] should be more of one that...
  1.  Helps us at Entrust clearly see how best to assist.
  2. Helps us to plan WITH the Chinese for the strategic roll out of this training throughout China and get THEIR input from the outset, which will enhance their ownership of this training and not let it become simply a another program from the west.
  3. Plan at the outset how to make this most accessible and sustainable for their people. To make this self-sustaining from the outset and have them help us determine how best to do this so we get maximum impact for minimum costs. Much money is wasted when we depend on our western way of thinking rather than asking the nationals the best way to do this.
 Postponing our first actual training [in Beijing] to the December meeting will allow us...
  1.  Additional opportunity to get your women trained for co-facilitating opportunities.
  2. To get the curriculum translated into Mandarin, as we cannot go forward with the training without it, because it will leave them no option for passing it on other than lecture. Hopefully we can have the translation done by September with the new quote of $33,000 for both courses making it still quite a stretch but better than $55,000!!!!
  3. For more time, from the information glean at our September meeting, to determine if it would be appropriate to bring other partners into the project at this time or not.
Because Peggy and a team from Entrust will be going in September to lay the groundwork for the training to follow which is where I fit in, it is not absolutely necessary for me to go as well. Instead I will attend the training in Colorado in November and then go with Peggy in December to Beijing. 

I am feeling much better about this plan both for me and for the strategy that is beginning to unfold. I believe it is wise to slow down, lay the foundation for the training and prepare the men and women in Beijing for what will be asked of them. 

THIS IS BIG! The vision includes ALL of China. I am thrilled with what is happening and honored to be a part of this. Please pray for everyone involved. 

Thank you!

If you are still interested in supporting me financially, please go to my last blog post where I describe how to give to Global Partners in Hope on my behalf. So far 20% is covered.